Monday, July 10, 2006

Is Zidane on Yahoo Messenger?

I usually do not logon to Yahoo Messenger unless I reboot my laptop. This usually happens once in 10 days. Today was one of those days and hence I was on YM. There I saw the following status message for a friend of mine
"why Zidane?"

Seeing this, I started a chat with this friend of mine. Here is the transcript, of course, without revealing my friend's name and/or YM ID

AbiSurd: The head is for hitting the ball, not someone's chest
AbiSurd: *WHATEVER* be the case,
AbiSurd: *WHATEVER* be the provocation
Friend: yeah
Friend: agreed
AbiSurd: so remove the status message
Friend: i want zidane to see it and answer

I could not help myself and was LOL.


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