Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DabbaWalas interact with ISB students

Found this in a couple of leading national and regional dailies.

DabbaWalas are the 5000 odd people in the city of Mumbai (Bombay) who carry over 200,000 tiffin boxes having fresh home-made lunches to their intended consumers in their offices and then back to their homes. Most of the people doing this job have minimal education (I remember reading that the highest education one had was the seventh grade) but still they are able to the job so well, that the Forbes Magezine awarded this organization the Six Sigma performance rating. The code system they use has been blogged upon by a current ISB student Sumit Poddar here. Even Prince Charles met this extra-ordinary group of people on his last visit to India (he even invited them to attend his second wedding); so did Richard Branson. More information about the organization and their service may be had from these links

WikiPedia article article
IDFA Magezine
The Hindu Article


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