Friday, July 01, 2005

ISB Applications are open

The ISB Application process has started now. I am mentioning the essay questions below.

1. Evaluate your application and provide a critical assessment of it. Outline factors that might differentiate you from others from a similar background (500 words)

2a. Assess your career progress uptodate and elaborate on your future career plans. (300 words)

2b. It is said that successful leaders learn as much from their failures as they do from their successes. Discuss a situation in which you failed and what you learnt. (300 words)

3a. ISB places a lot of emphasis on teamwork. Tell us about your experiences in working as a part of a team. Your essay should talk about the difficulties that you faced and how you overcame them. (300 words)

3b. How do you define leadership ? Take the example of a leader you admire (living or deceased), and indicate the traits (300 words)

I would apply for the second round. Seriously, I am scared when I see these questions. I am a very poor author (my blogs are the proof) and these essays (and the recos) are what stand between me and my B-School. I hopw All Mighty God will help me along the way.

Best of luck to those applying to ISB this year.


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