Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Michigan Ambassadors program

When I went to the Meet Michigan Reception in New Delhi, the lady there told me about the Ambassadors program where I could chat with some current students. This was in direct response to my question because I could not find it on the website myselves. She was also not sure how to get to that link.

Today I tried to reach to that page, but not before I wrote to the Admissions Committee about it. I later used Google and found my way to the correct link. Then I read the reply from Admissions Committee. The response was quick, but not upto the mark. The person there copy-pasted a typical write-up on visiting Michigan, arranging for a tour and talking to the current students. It mentioned the Ambassador program, but no links for it. It did give me the link to the page that helps you plan a tour, and perhaps that page has the link to the Ambassadors program, but they did not give me the thing I specifically asked for: the link to the ambassadors program.

Anyways, I have short-listed two Indians to chat with. One is an IITB alum himself.

PS: Sometimes, when I see the profiles of these guys, I wonder if I would fit among these guys n gals...


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