Sunday, November 28, 2004

Change of plans

Guys n gals,

This blog was used by me to create a scrap book for me that would house all the difficult questions I encountered during my GMAT prep and some concepts I gathered along the way. In that sense, this blog has helped me a lot. I used it to revise the concepts a week before D-Day and later on many other people preparing for the GMAT have used this to enhance their preparation.

Now I have come to a phase where I would be researching schools and getting more data on them. I have been doing this all the way, but now I am planning to log a few of the things on my blog here. This seems to be a natural progression where after taking the GMAT you concentrate on the schools of your choice and log the details somewhere.

I hope others surfing on to my blog shall like this new content that is goign to come here.


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