Tuesday, June 29, 2004

to sympathize with OR for sympathizing with

By showing that South Africa does not have a free market and is in fact a kind of collectivist welfare state for Whites only, Sowell argues that American conservatives have no valid ideological grounds to be in sympathy with the Pretoria regime.

(A) to be in sympathy with
(B) to sympathize with
(C) for sympathizing with
(D) that they should sympathize with
(E) that they should have sympathy for

Here POE helped me get down to A or C as the answer, but which one?

One suggestion on the forum was that the differnece is in the tense and that simple past should be preferred over past perfect. This means B is preferred over C as the answer.

But there are people who think C is correct. I fail to understand why...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey then what is the correct answer.
According to me it is B

4:23 AM  

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