Monday, June 21, 2004


Adverbs: (From my own notes )

Adverb modifies the verb like adjective does to a noun. These words modify verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
Example - He runs fast. ( "fast" modifies verb "runs" )
- He drove a very fast car. ( "fast" is an adjective to noun "car". "very" is an adverb to adjective "fast" )

1. When specifying location or time, the most specific adverbs come first.
Example : He meets him at 2:30 PM(1) every tuesday(2) of the month(3)
People drive cars very fast on highways(1) of NewJersey(2) USA(3)

2. Adverb should be closer to the phrase it really modifies.

Example - My father works in Cleaveland at a bakery. ( Looks like Cleaveland is at a bakery ) - Wrong

My father works at a bakery in Cleaveland

3. To show emphasis an adverb can be placed in the begining of a sentence.
Example - She usually takes a short walk after lunch.
this can also be writen as
Usually she takes a short walk after lunch.

4. Adverbs have the following order of usage in a sentence.

Manner, Place, Frequency, Time, Purpose (MPFTP)

Example - He swims fast(manner) in the left lane(place) everyday(frequency) to stay in shape(purpose)


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