Monday, June 28, 2004

No posting for long time

This is bad, really bad. With a huge target in mind, I should be
studying atleast 2-3 hrs daily. but what I am doing is almost nothing.
I did not study for 2 days after I strated this log. Then on the
weekends I did osme studies, but nothing cloes to the mark, forget
about being up to it.

I did find a few things over the weekend. I went through the Princeton
Reivew Verbal Workout. Great book. Just that it needs to be given its
due time and that one needs to follow it properly. I read the SC
portion and the 'Berrer Reading' section. I shall complete the CR
section tonight.

In the SC section, oine good thing I found out was the difference
between a clause and a phrase. And the fact the misplaced modified
error rule applies only ot phrases and not to clauses.

To repeat here, a clause has both asubject and a verb. A phrase lacks
either of them. Because of this difference, a clause can stand by
itself (is a complete statement in itself) but a phrase cannot.

I also took the 22 sample SC questions the book had. I got only 11 of
them right. Of them 2-3 were silly mistakes. I did not read the
options tht clearly to be able to choose the right ones. 2-3 more were
the 'hard' ones (the book said so) and it described why the options I
thought were correct were infact wrong. Then 2 more were incorrect
idioms ones. I thought the "" is not a proper idiom, but
" to" infact is a valid idiom. I need to visit the list of
idioms also today.

I hope I do well in the CR section today. Its not a real difficult
section. But who knows?


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